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Why You Should Hire a Personal Chef


Life has never been busier! The workload takes up most of your time, there’s the family to look after, and you need to keep up with your friends and the social circle. All these and similar necessary life activities take a considerable chunk of energy out of your daily life, which leaves you with only a few precious hours that you can use as your own time to plan something with your family, relatives, or friends. Now, if you must go grocery shopping to get the ingredients you need to prepare your meal, and then after the long and strenuous cooking session, you need to clean up after, isn’t that a bit frustrating? Wouldn’t you rather have a trained expert shop for the ingredients, prepare the gourmet meal for everyone, and clean everything up while you enjoy the gathering and relax the night away?


Now you must be wondering why you need a personal chef and may be thinking that it would probably be a bother to select one and then tell them all the details, so the meal is prepared just right. Wrong! It’s simple and completely reliable. After selecting and ordering the gourmet meal that you desire and mentioning the day and time you need it to be made ready, all that’s left for you to do now is wait for the day of the event to arrive. When it comes, relax your night away without the pressure of planning the meal, shopping for the ingredients, cooking the dish, and cleaning it all up. Enjoy the event to the fullest with your loved ones while the gourmet chef handles all the strenuous cooking tasks and prepares a delicious gourmet-level meal that earns you the compliments of every attendee of the event. Everything will be served properly, creating a professional ambiance that will enhance the satisfying experience of the entire meal course.


Introducing Select Chef

Our company includes a community of professionally trained chefs who have absolute control over their selected cuisine. Cooking is not a task but a passion for them, and their thirst for preparing the most delicious meals is unquenchable. Through years of experience, they have perfected their culinary art and are more than capable of delivering an amazing culinary experience.


Our chefs take pride in their creations and prepare everything using organic ingredients that do nothing but justice to your taste buds. We deliver not only a delicious gourmet meal, but everything we serve can be personalized for your health and nutrition goals. And the best part about our service, the whole lavish cuisine experience is delivered to you in the vicinity of your house!


Cost of our chefs

Despite our unwavering and unmatched high-quality standards and superiority in taste, we cater, care, and prioritize the satisfaction of our customers before anything else. Hence, you will find that the prices we charge for our professional gourmet services delivered to you in the comfort of your house are highly competitive in the market against highly-rated cuisines. Our Starters package is priced at $109.99pp for a party of 2, $69.99pp for a party of 4, and the larger the party the greater the savings.  Same goes for our Standard and Premium packages that offer you a wider array of our delish services.


We have been caring and cooking for hardworking and deserving people for years now and have handled all their small events, gatherings, parties, and simple family dinners. We can do the same for you and give you an experience worth savoring.

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