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5 ways to use a Personal Chef with Select Chef


At Select Chef, one of our long-term goals is to break the stigma that is attached to having a personal chef. When most prospective members first hear about a modernized private chef service, their first thought or worry attends to the cost associated with this luxury service. However, our three course Select Chef private chef service is very comparable to the same prices as a fine dining restaurant. Here are a few innovative ways to use Select Chef.

Holiday Meals & Dinner Parties
The most enjoyable part of dinner parties with loved ones is the hosting, the entertaining and the ability to connect and catch up on old memories or new ones. However, the biggest drawback of hosting dinner parties is the seclusion from everyone while you are wearing multiple hats prepping, cooking, and tidying up afterwards. With Select Chef, your personal chef removes all the responsibilities of hosting, so you can truly enjoy the party! Take back your night with your Select Chef private chef.

Date Night
It doesn’t matter what you do, just who you do it with. Whether you are looking to spice up your typical date night or if you want to enjoy a night off together, your Select Chef personal chef is ready to make your night a great one! Your private chef will take lead in the kitchen, so you can use this time to reconnect while having an amazing culinary experience.

Girls Night/Guys Night
When it comes to a well-rounded person, a social group of friends is an aspect of that. It can be the stereotypical “girls night” or “guys night”, or if labels don’t necessarily matter, just a “friends night”, but a night where you laugh over old memories and create new ones. Your in-home chef will ensure that you are the star of the show because it’s true... you are! So, while we do the shopping, cooking and cleaning you have the time back to focus on what and who are most important.

Impress Out of Towners
We all have out of town family members and friends who frequent us in the Greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that we are either trying to impress or just enjoy a calm, relaxing evening in with, and we have the solution for you. At Select Chef, we treat you like the VIP that you are. If you are trying to impress your in-laws or friends from out of town, you can make a specific note in the checkout process, and we will inform your personal chef to help make you shine!

Your very own personal chef on your schedule is a great opportunity to break up what can be a mundane, office monotony. A private chef for the night can provide the break that you deserve, not to mention a great team bonding activity. We encourage our clients to use our private chef service to impress their bosses, too! Going that extra mile to ensure your boss (and you) get that special attention usually goes a long way. Just type in the notes, and let us do the rest!

A bonus way to use Select Chef is the “just because” reason. Founder, Christine Henry-Musa, created Select Chef to allow our clients to have more time back in their lives. And we’ve seen just that! Clients take advantage of normal everyday hours and spend it with family.

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