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Use a Private Chef For Your Next Work Event


COVID has created a big shift in the workforce. Whether you’ve been spending a large time working from home, or business has simply been impacted because of the pandemic, it’s important to show your appreciation and gratitude for your employees - especially at this current time!

An easy way to do this is by hosting a company or office-wide appreciation event, holiday party, or even dinner party. Many offices or companies will go to a restaurant to do this, but what can help you stand out from others is by hiring your own personal chef and making it a special occasion for all.

Why use a private chef

Private chefs offer an exclusive experience to your evening, that isn’t easily replicated elsewhere. Yes, you could make a reservation at a fancy restaurant. However, chances are that people won’t be able to hear each other over the noise of other guests, and that isn’t going to create the same kind of bonding experience as a private dinner with your own chef.

Additionally, you’ll be able to have more control over the menu. Select Chef allows you to customize the menu- the private chefs take care of any dietary restrictions and preferences.  There won’t be a waiting time for the staff to prepare the tables, or anything similar. If you want an upscale and unforgettable experience for your team, this is the way to go.

How you can prepare for your private chef

When hiring your Select Chef personal chef for your unique appreciation or holiday event, there are a few tips to follow:

  • Ensure a kitchen is available for use. In order to prepare your gourmet meal, your personal chef will need access to a stovetop and oven.
  • Ask your employees to RSVP for an accurate headcount. Decide if you will invite just your employees, or employees and their spouses, as well as their kids. Having an accurate headcount will help you budget and figure out what kind of dining experience makes the most sense for you.
  • If you are including guests and their children, make sure to also know how many kids are attending. This is important to know since we offer healthy, organic children’s entrees.
  • Ask for dietary restrictions and/or allergies. Your personal chef will be happy to come up with allergy-friendly options.

Elegant 3-course Dinner

If you’re celebrating your high performers in your company, a 3-course gourmet dinner will be the best option for you. Select Chef offers a convenient online ordering process to have people select their desired cuisine in advance. It will be a night not so quickly forgotten and appreciated by your guests, who will feel what it’s like to be treated like royalty.  Wow your guests with delectable bites and morsels and create a festive environment for people to mix and mingle.

Gift Cards

The Select Chef personal chef experience is a modern gift. Employees can enjoy fine dining with a personal chef in the comfort of their own home. This will certainly be a gift that will create a lasting memory and goodwill with your team.  For gift cards to gift for the holiday season or as a thank you, check here.

What Makes Select Chef different

Entrust Select Chef with your corporate event private chef needs. Select Chef will deliver on quality, professionalism, and experience that your guests will remember for years to come. With organic produce and sustainably sourced options, you can rest assured that whatever meals you choose will be a hit.


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