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Why Dine Out When You Can Have a Personal Chef?


Whether it is date night, a special occasion or just your average Tuesday, healthy and organic foods are always the center of any celebration. Many people choose to dine out simply because they are unaware of another option that exists for delicious cuisine in an even more intimate setting - your in-home personal chef!  Let's dive into some excellent reasons to hire your private chef and forgo dining out.


With COVID-19 Comes Uncertainty

New variants of COVID-19 have created new concerns for dining out in restaurants.  Between the air vents not properly circulating air and facilities not always sanitizing, when you go into a restaurant, you put yourself at risk due to the easy spread of Coronavirus. When your private chef comes to your house for the scheduled Experience time, they will come wearing a mask and other protective gear to protect you and your guests!


When your life gets busy, a private chef will save you time and money.

The hassle of grocery shopping takes away from your valuable time, and more often than not ingredients will sit unused and wasted in the fridge. For those with busy schedules, eating well often takes a backseat to convenience. Skip the shopping and cleaning afterwards, and hire your private chef instead. They will save you the time of shopping for ingredients and preparing food, save you from wasted ingredients, and prepare delicious and healthy meals along the way.


It can be surprisingly cost-effective over dining out.

While dining out is a treat, the costs that come along with it are not always considered beyond the cost of the restaurant itself. Transportation costs such as taxis or gas, parking or valet costs if you are dining in a city, and even hiring a babysitter if you have children all add up beyond the cost of the dining out experience. When you hire your personal chef instead of dining out, the chef will come directly to you, bring the fresh ingredients, prepare a delicious three-course meal in the comfort of your own home, as well as clean up after themselves - no travel or babysitter needed.


Enjoy customized meals - especially if there are food allergies or restrictions.

Many people have food allergies or dietary restrictions that make dining out difficult, if not impossible altogether. Cross-contamination is an issue in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen, but your personal chef will design the meal for you and your guests in consideration of dietary needs. Special diets can be difficult to plan meals around, but Select Chef’s personal chefs specialize in custom menus and dishes that will feel special.


You can learn new techniques or try out new cuisines.

Exploring new cultures through cuisines is the next best thing to actually traveling. While visiting a restaurant is a great way to try a new type of food or a new cuisine, you might not be able to recreate the experience at home. Hiring your own private chef can allow you to explore new cultures through an authentic culinary experience.  Your private chef can teach you tips and tricks along the way so that you can recreate and customize dishes to your liking. In addition, your personal chef can help you to learn how to shop efficiently for ingredients, teach you food preparation and cooking secrets, and techniques used by professional chefs in restaurant kitchens.


For special occasions, nothing beats an intimate dinner party.

Treat friends and family to a special experience when you hire a personal chef for your next birthday party, promotion, or engagement announcement. These gatherings can be as small and intimate or as extravagant as you’d like, with more privacy and far less unwanted noise or potential party crashers. Your guests will be comfortable in your home and will enjoy an exclusive experience.


It is simply a fun and memorable experience!

No other dining experience is as special and posh as having a private chef cook a delectable meal in your own home, just for you and your guests. Whether it is for a date night, dinner party or becomes a regular weeknight experience, you will love having a personal chef create meals to your exact desires, needs and cravings!

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