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Move over catering, and say “Hello” to your Personal Chef!


While catering companies focus on primarily providing and serving food for large groups of people, personalization and intimacy are often lost. At Select Chef, we not only pair you up with your own personal chef, but we also focus on providing the time and opportunity back into your life to create those magical moments and memories between you and those who matter most. We are founded on respect, kindness, integrity, and intention, and your private chef who wears the prestigious Select Chef apron embodies those qualities as well.

What is the difference between catering and your own in-home chef?

A caterer is typically a company whose focus is to provide food for a large group of people for an event. The food from catered parties usually is pre-made in bulk, reheated after arrival, and leaves you wanting more. Catering can be so blah and boring, and we challenge that notion of basic and unfulfilling. Whether you are in McKinney, Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas or anywhere in-between, your Select Chef private chef is hand selected from your community to create you and your loved ones a personalized, holistic Experience based around what matters most… time and quality.

We listen to your individual needs

Catering can’t always adhere to everyone’s specific dietary needs and requests, which leaves room for people to feel alienated and unappreciated. The menu choices are mostly “come one, come all”, and if your specific needs aren’t met, you may end up picking around the food or completely not eating.

When you have specific dietary restrictions, sometimes catering can be hard to find a meal that fits your needs, and we know first-hand how frustrating that is. With Select Chef, your in-home chef is notified of all specific needs prior to your Experience so they can plan to create the same delicious meal without sacrificing taste while keeping you top of mind. Our personal chefs are seasoned professionals from respectable restaurants and are experts on knowing just how to balance savory and delicious while ensuring your meal is one-of-a-kind for you, just like you!

Adding quality into your life

With catering, the food can often be found in silver trays, already cooked (sometimes rolled with a toothpick), served reheated or lukewarm, and often the quality questionable. However, with Select Chef, we provide your in-home chef with all of your personalized instructions and the fresh and organic groceries to match, so you know exactly where your food is coming from and what exactly is being served...moreover, it’s exactly how you like it! If you have any dietary restrictions your personal chef is made aware well in advance, so they can successfully plan to ensure your meal is cooked just the way you need it and want it to be.

Select Chef vows to provide our Members with only the freshest and highest quality of food, made specifically for you. We ensure that we nourish our Members with the same quality and organic ingredients and meals we will (and do) feed ourselves.

Time back to focus on your priorities

Time is one of the life attributes that we cherish most because it seems to pass within the blink of an eye. One of the main added benefits of having your own private chef, is adding time back into your life to spend with your loved ones, or even those you want to impress. Whether you’d rather spend your newly found time laughing with loved ones or closing a deal that is going to set you ahead of your goals, your private chef is going to relieve you of the cooking and cleaning responsibilities, because you deserve it!

Select Chef starts with Mindfulness

Not only does Select Chef provide the luxury of your very own skilled, private chef from the comfort of your home, but we also provide an experience that leaves you and your guests feeling more connected. Your personal chef is prepared to inspire thought-provoking questions for your party to discuss which will lead to a greater bond, and a deeper connection.
Select Chef provides nourishment and satisfaction

While catering is a great and practical choice for larger parties, catering often leaves you unsatisfied, whether it’s physically, holistically or another personal aspect. The meals are usually made for the mass, and if you don’t like the selection, you’re left feeling hungry, and worse… hangry, wanting for more. Select Chef is here to provide you with your personal, in-home chef while giving you healthy options and additional time to spend it as you wish.

Book your personal chef today with Select Chef.

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