The chef was very professional and prepared our meal with great care. She was personable and very clean as she prepared our meal. The food was amazing and the flavors were delightful. The salad was fresh and full of flavor; the main course was delicious and the dessert hit the spot! My kids all agreed on giving her two thumbs up (a rarity in my house as all kids loved the meal!) After our meal, our kitchen was spotless and she cleared all the dishes and pots she used. Select Chef exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend this service!

Camille S.

We had an excellent select chef dining experience last weekend and we will definitely be doing it again soon. It was wonderful having a chef take care of all the cooking and cleaning so we could enjoy a high quality meal in the comfort of our own home. The chef was prompt, respectful, and informative. He wore a mask and booties the entire time. Highly recommend!

Mona M.

An amazing culinary experience. It was a high end restaurant quality experience in the comfort of my own home! Our chef was prompt, friendly, and efficient. I can’t wait for the next engagement!

Sham M.

I personally love this service. Having a chef is more attainable than I initially thought. I didn’t have to go back and forth countless times with a chef to plan and coordinate my meals. Simply placed my order, selected the date, and an awesome chef showed up and showed out (meaning it was a really good experience). Select Chef is next level, it honestly seems like magic. Not to mention the chef left my kitchen cleaner than they found it. The cauliflower soup was amazing, the Chicken with Moroccan Charmula is a must try, and I wish I had more of the apple crumble (we tore it up). This service is perfect for those who want to enjoy a high quality meal in the privacy of their own home, with zero work required.

Corey A.

I enjoy an amazing home culinary experience with my own personal chef! The food is delectable, and the service is always great…they feel like family. I have so much more time for my significant other, my family, myself, and my work.

Michael N.